干燥季节,口干舌燥,还容易上火感冒。所以,就做了一款糖水来吃,菊花,是自己种的杭白菊,现在正是开花的季节。每天都会摘几朵来泡茶,清热下火。 菊花、枸杞、红枣……那些的功效的就不多说了,相信大家都知道,还可以加一些雪耳,食物的越多样性,其实是越好的。当然,也不能自己乱加,有些食物还是不能混着吃。                    

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  • 雪梨 (1个)                    


  •  (1片)                    

  • 枸杞 (适量)                    

  • 菊花 (适量)                    

  • 红枣 (适量)                    

  • 冰糖 (适量)                    


  • 电压力锅                    

p320_201401020015281389089761.jpg              准备材料  prepare materials        
p320_201401020015521388940879.jpg          把红枣去核 The red datesp320_201401020015511388621261.jpg  雪梨去皮去核切块 Sydney peeled and cut to the core        
p320_201401020016081388891016.jpg       枸杞子泡水备用 Medlar soaked in waterp320_201401020016151388610260.jpg    菊花 红枣 雪梨 姜片 冰糖,炖煮10分钟

Chrysanthemum dates Sydney ginger sugar, simmer for 10 minutes                                                                                                                                               

p320_201401020016211388962008.jpg   最后加入枸杞子焖一会就好了
Finally, add a medlar stew will be just fine



"Dry season, dry mouth, cold also easy to get angry. So, do eat a dessert, chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum their own species, now is the flowering season. Every day to pick several flower tea , heat under fire. chrysanthemum, Chinese wolfberry, red dates ...... efficacy of those is not to say, I believe we all know, you can also add some white fungus, food, the more diversity, in fact, the better. of course, we can not plus her own, not mixed with some food or eat. "
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Ingredients Sydney (1)
Seasoning Ginger (1)
Wolfberry (to taste)
Chrysanthemum (to taste)
Dates (to taste)
Sugar (to taste)
Kitchenware Electric pressure cooker

1. General I will add a little salt, you can not add.
2. medlar must last to increase, not suitable for high temperature for a long time to cook.
3. using a pressure cooker to cook, ordinary pot a little longer, a little stress can be steam.